The transformer table is an innovative furniture approach specially designed to save place. These tables are ideal for small spaces. The transformer table is a perfect combination of classic design and modular engineering.

Bring a space-saving and multifunctional transformer table if you are into an intelligent way of living. However, for those who are not familiar with these tables, this article brings all the information together.

This article will discuss different types of transformer tables and what benefits you can get from these tables. So, if you are ready to learn something new, stay with us!

Transformer Table Types

As the name indicates, transformer tables are the ones that you can easily convert from one shape, design, or size to another. So, you can use one table for multiple uses.

But the question is which transformation mechanism is used in these tables. Based on the conversion style, these tables are divided into three main types;

Extendable Tables

These tables are designed to extend in all directions based on your chosen style. Usually, you can extend a simple four-person table for 8-10 people. The latest extendable tables also come up with extending seats that you can use for sitting and pack them back when not required.

Adjustable Height Tables

In these tables, you can easily change the height of your table for multiple applications. The height adjustment comes with the benefit of using the table for dining or study or maybe the corner table of your home.

Foldable Tables

Foldable tables are the first choice for limited-spaced houses. The folding design of these tables helps better storage when you are not using them. These tables are like a painting that can easily accommodate anywhere in a folding state.

Benefits of Transformer Tables

The transformer table is an excellent solution for all living spaces, from large to small. Here are some benefits of these tables;

Multiple Dining Options

Are you tired of your same dining table? If yes! Then worry not because transformer tables bring new excitement to your daily life.

Usually, the transformer tables come up with different extensions that you can use differently. The extensions can enlarge the table or form a comfortable sitting area. So, using these tables, you can change your furniture décor from time to time.

Storage Solutions

The extension plates of transformer tables can be used perfectly for storage purposes. You can use the plates to form the under-table shelves to store books, decoration pieces, or flower pots.


A single transformer table can be used for different applications next to just the dining option. The extendable and foldable tables are generally designed in a way that you can convert them in;

  • Sofa table
  • Study table
  • Craft table
  • Work table
  • Game table or many others

Final Verdict

Remember that only a high-quality table can last for years after continuous changes when looking for a transformer table. Check for all three table types and countless design options for high-quality and cutting-edge tables.

Alibaba transformer tables are made from 100% purely natural and synthetic materials built to last forever. So, don’t waste your time while beating around the bush and check the official Alibaba site.


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