If you want to make your gift for your mom personalized and unique, place it in a customized gift box. You can do it on your own or buy one online. Flowers, stuffed toys, jewelry, and accessories are gifts you can put in gift boxes.

Not all gift boxes are the same. Some are made of cardstock, while others use a corrugated box to produce a unique box. Below are some materials you can use to make your mom flower box.


The cardstock’s weight falls between that of thin paper and thicker notebook paper. The material is thicker than cardboard but heavier than copy paper. This paper is commonly used for making greeting cards, scrapbooks, and bespoke packaging.

Many different types and hues of cardstock are available. It’s also possible to be lignin- and acid-free, making it an ideal medium for scrapbooking. The most widely used crafting paper is cardstock. It is also a good material for making a gift box. You can enclose jewelry or small stuffed toys in it.

Construction Paper

Because of its low price and wide range of colors, construction paper is a go-to material for kids’ arts and crafts and for making gift boxes. As the colors in construction paper fade over time, they shouldn’t be used for permanent creations. Elementary school teachers often use construction paper for class craft projects.

Corrugated Cardboard

Two thin layers of paper cover the cardboard’s exterior, and a fluted sheet of paper is sandwiched between them. Corrugated cardboard, the paper used to make cardboard boxes, is extremely robust and durable. Corrugated cardboard is stiff, making it difficult to cut. For precise cuts, a sharp hobby knife and a ruler are indispensable.

Toy houses, spaceships, cars, and even furniture can be fashioned from cardboard boxes. Your creativity is the only limit here. The middle section with the flutes can be used for paper crafts. If you are looking for something durable as a gift box, this is the material of choice.

Crepe Paper

Crepe paper is characterized by its extremely lightweight coating. It’s gathered so that the finished product has a crinkled, stretchy surface and is available as rolls or sheets and in a rainbow of colors. Beautiful crepe paper flowers are a common result of paper flower crafting. Streamers made of crepe paper are common party decorations. Crepe paper is used in many kid-friendly arts and crafts.

If your paper flowers look professional, use high-quality crepe paper like Italian crepe paper. Italian crepe paper flowers really stand out. There are times when they feel remarkably real.

Kraft Paper

It’s common practice to use Kraft paper, a rough brown paper, when gift-wrapping presents. This material is also used to create paper bags. It’s possible to lighten the color of the wood to anywhere from a very light brown to nearly white. You can purchase Kraft paper in both sheets and paper rolls.

Cards, scrapbooks, and even flower crafts can all benefit from using Kraft paper.

You can make your mom’s special day even more special once she receives your gift, placed in a special box.


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