Your Aztec jacket is a durable and unique piece of clothing that can be worn for many different occasions. However, you should treat it with care so you can get a lot of wear out of it. You must be conscious about its quality and durability.

The material used in making these jackets makes them look new for a long time. But after a certain period of time, they start to get dirty and lose their shine. You can follow these tips to keep your aztec jacket looking clean and good-as-new:

Use Warm Water to Wash It

You should use warm water to wash your Aztec jacket instead of cold water or hot water as it does not damage the fabric at all but helps in cleaning the dirt from your jacket.

Use Mild Detergent

Mild detergents are good for cleaning your Aztec jacket as they do not damage the fabric at all and leave no stains on it after washing. However, make sure you do not use strong detergents as they may damage your jacket’s fabric or color.

Do Not Wring Out the Jacket While Washing

You should not wring out the jacket while washing as this may cause wrinkles on the jacket’s surface due to which it will look old-fashioned sooner than expected! Instead, just squeeze out excess water using a towel and then hang it over a hanger so that it remains dry for some time.

Don’t Put It in Your Washing Machine

Washing your jacket in the washing machine can damage the fabric and cause it to pill (those little balls of extra fibers). You can hand wash your jacket with cold water and mild detergent, Its recommended that you take it to a professional cleaner for cleaning if possible.

Wear It with Care

If you have an outer shell that is removable, take it off before sitting down or lying down on anything that may stain the material. If you’re wearing something underneath your jacket that might stain it too, try not to wear both at the same time.

Also avoid wearing things like jewelry or watches inside your jacket because they can snag on things and tear holes in them over time. Of course, don’t wear anything else that might snag on things either! Be careful when playing sports too – don’t slide into bases in your baseball uniform or you could rip up the fabric on your clothing!


Always keep your jacket clean. This will prevent dirt from piling up and getting bad stains on the jacket. Clean your jacket as soon as you can, especially if you’ve been outside in the rain, or if you find something on your jacket.

When cleaning your jacket, use a good cloth that isn’t too rough on the surface of the jacket. Getting a good quality jacket also determines how long it remains looking new. Alibaba offers good quality Aztec jackets at an affordable price. Visit Alibaba today.


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