Tile installation can look so easy when you see other people doing it. If you decide to do it on your own, you need to keep a few things in mind. One of such things is how to clean up the edges. The simplest way for you to keep things clean is to use a tile edge trim. The edge trims have been used for a long time, and professional tile installers love them because they perfect the edges. They will ensure all the edges look neat and put together. Here is how you install the tile edge trims and make a difference in your tiles.

How to correctly fix your tile edge trims

A tile trim edge is the best way to ensure your installation looks put together. Your floor will look poorly done when the edges look open, and that can interfere with the general appearance of your space. Whether at home or in the office, you need a perfect floor. Are you ready to deal with the exposed edges and ensure the whole installation stands out? Here is how to go about installing it.

Figure out the areas that need the trim

Once you have the correct trim, you then need to figure out where you plan on installing it. Most people install it on backsplashes and edges that need smoothening out. Others prefer having them throughout the edges. Installing it in the right place makes it harder for people to spot it when they look at your tiles. If you want people to notice it, alternating the colors will work for you.

Choose the right edge trim

Before installing, you must ensure you get the proper edge trim on the market. The trims come in different materials and colors. As such, they will not all work with your tiles. Take your time and figure out which one will merge seamlessly with your tiles. That way, you won’t have areas looking shoddy after installation.

Apply the adhesive

When everything is measured, apply the adhesive and mortar in the areas where you plan to install the trim. Ensure you apply the tiles one at a time so the edges can be smooth as you install the trim. Once that is done, ensure you even out the adhesive and mortar. Make sure you use the correct adhesive; a wrong choice will not achieve the desired results, and repeating the entire process means spending more time and money.

Press the tile edge trims

Now that the adhesive and mortar are in place, it is time to press the tile edge trim against it. Start from one end and work towards the other. Ensure you do not have any air pockets as that might affect the entire process. If you can, use a roller to press the trim in place. Doing this gives a firm grip, and you can achieve excellent results without much trouble.

Last words

Installing tile trim edges is not as hard as people make it look. All you need to do is ensure you have the right edge trim, and you are good to go. The tips above will come in handy for you. Buy the trim edges today from Alibaba and see how well your final installation will look.


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